Ink N Boobies: Sullen Art Collective’s Kulture Klash Art Show To Debut Pinup Breast Casts

My world includes tattoos, pinup models, and giving back. It is my passion to capture artwork, from vintage dresses to body art. Working with Tattoo Life Magazine has opened doors to relationships with many amazing tattoo artists, and my pin up work has been an avenue to meet some of the most beautiful ladies around.

Thanks to Shaney Jo at Keep A Breast, I had the pleasure to curate artwork for this year’s Kulture Klash Art Show at Ink and Iron, presented by Sullen Art Collective. The pieces you will see are hand crafted breast casts that Keep A Breast is known for, with artwork by some of our Kustom Culture’s favorite players. The bodies that made these casts possible belong to pinup and tattoo models beautiful on the outside and in. Castees include Tess Munster, Megan Renee, Natasha Estrada, Tali De’ Mar and myself, to name a few. Artwork by respected tattoo artists such as Rob Benavides of Flying Panther in San Diego, CA and Paul Dobleman of Spider Murphy’s in San Rafael, CA will be featured, as well as renowned pinstriper Skratch. Beautiful pin up model herself, Lourdes Dodds will paint Lindy Sue’s cast. While carefully meshing the lifestyle of tattoo, classic cars, and art, I had to include the likes of Gustavo Rimada and Ruben Montes, who always push the envelope while embracing vintage styles.

Please visit this year’s art show on board the Queen Mary June 6 – 8 during the 10th Annual Ink N Iron Festival in Long Beach, CA in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, and take with you a breathtaking piece of artwork. It was a special honor for me to get cast, and I want to thank Paul Dobleman, who tattooed my sleeve, and is making a masterpiece with more of my body. The castees and I all share some sort of connection with KAB, whether we have lost someone to breast cancer, have lived it ourselves, or care about spreading the word on prevention and care.

“Finding beauty in adversity is definitely a great means by which Keep A Breast Foundation is able to raise spirits, awareness, and money to support the journey of eradicating breast cancer. I am honored to be a part of this collaboration. I am also thrilled that my favorite artist, Gustavo Rimada, took the time to paint my boobies too ;)” – Angelique Noire

“I am so honored to be involved with such a great organization that brings breast cancer awareness to women of all ages. The cause is very near and dear to my heart. At the age of seventeen, I was told that I was high risk for breast cancer after the chance finding of a benign cyst in my right breast. So, if I can encourage just one young lady to start early self examinations through my involvement with Keep A Breast, I have accomplished a huge personal goal!” – Megan Renae


Specializing in 1920’s- 1960’s imagery, Susana Vestige of Vestige Photography is involved in the tattoo and rockabilly community. When she’s not traveling and capturing event photos for Tattoo Life magazine or photographing pin up girls, she enjoys donating her time in serving women in her community.