Fit 4 Prevention: Lowering Your Risk One Workout At A Time

Just 30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week lowers your risk of developing breast cancer by 30-50%.

This October, for Breast Cancer Prevention month, we are focusing on exercise as a means to promote overall wellness and lowering our risk of breast cancer. Our goal is to inspire people to reduce their risk of cancers by adopting a healthier, more active lifestyle, in a way that sparks their inner champion.

So, with the help of  GoMacro, we’ve created Fit 4 Prevention.

Fit 4 Prevention is a national movement to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention through fitness and wellness. Throughout the month of October, we are working with studios, gyms, boutiques, and individuals on Fit 4 Prevention, to raise funds and increase awareness for The Keep A Breast Foundation and our mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support.

We need your help to spread the word and get your favorite studios involved!

How do I get my favorite studio involved? It’s super easy for them to get involved in this prevention movement! Download or show them this flyer, or send them this blog, and ask them if they would be willing to host a donation-based class benefitting Keep A Breast this October. They can sign up at and we’ll give them everything they need! We will provide you with the tools you need to register, promote and put on your event. The first 100 studios that sign up will receive GoMacro Minis and a KABtivist Kit to distribute to class participants.












There so many benefits to staying active and doing so can make a difference at any age. In fact…

Strenuous activity in teens as young as 12 can lead to a reduction in breast cancer risk.

Women who were active during the day, engaging in heavy lifting or carrying rather than mostly sitting, have a 38% reduced risk of invasive breast cancers.

2 ½ hours of physical activity a week can lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol.

The gentle muscle stretching of yoga can immediately reduce stress.

Evidence shows a decreasing risk of breast cancer as you exercise more often & for longer.

Exercise can help improve your hormone levels and the way your immune system works.

So, what’s your fit?

Our bodies are all different and equally beautiful. You know when you feel your best and we want to know what fit means to you! It’s a not a number on a scale or a pant size, it’s the feeling of strength and confidence in your body performing at its optimum level so you can do anything you put your mind to.

Staying fit helps reduce your risk of many diseases, lowers your stress level, and increases those natural endorphins that make us happier and healthier. A fitness and wellness routine gives us the opportunity to be our own health advocates and accept life’s challenges without hesitation. These are types of changes that we can make to lower our risk and feel empowered about our health.

We want to see your fit, so whenever you’re getting active, tag #Fit4Prevention!