Imagine If

Imagine If

Imagine If… is a simple but effective support program in which young people document their feelings about what it would mean to them if there was no cancer. Participants reflect on the ways in which cancer has impacted their lives, from the loss of a favorite teacher to supporting a suffering best friend to experiencing the power of hope and commitment. While the Program consists of the simple act of writing responses on white boards and being photographed with those responses, the resulting archive of shared emotions is a powerful tool for global connections. Using the Internet, participants discover similarities in the huge spectrum of personal responses to cancer, battle feelings of isolation, and begin friendships.

Social media plays a major role in the Imagine If… Program. Digital photos are shared instantly across participants’ networks and distributed via KAB’s own social media pages, such as Facebook. This allows viewers around the world to contribute to an international support network of honest and inspiring moments.

The Imagine If… Program accompanies the Keep A Breast Traveling Education Booth (TEB). Year-round, the TEB makes its way to some of the most popular music tours, festivals, and events around the world. Imagine If… complements that experience, engaging visitors in a more reflective experience.

Establishing a breast cancer support network of young people is a key component of our Mission. This program leverages our presence at youth-oriented cultural events everywhere, as well social media, to carry messages of support and positivity to those impacted by breast cancer around the world.

All visitors to the Keep A Breast Traveling Education Booth are welcome to participate in Imagine If… The TEB is set-up and staffed at happenings all over the world. Attendees of those events are encouraged to participate in Imagine If… and then tag their digital photos, which allows them to continue the discussion online with their own social networks.

Please check the KAB Events calendar for upcoming dates and venues of the Travelling Education Booth. You can also check out photos of Imagine If…participants around the world on the Keep A Breast Facebook page.

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