DIY Action Event Agreement

As you begin your planning process, please review the guidelines below.


The Keep A Breast Foundation name, logo and marks are our greatest assets. To protect and preserve their integrity, we partner with organizations and individuals that have a good reputation and offer products and services that are consistent with our mission.

  • Keep A Breast (KAB) and the Better Business Bureau request that the percentage of proceeds that will be donated to KAB be communicated to the public in clear, unambiguous language on all communication materials (e.g. “20% of the net proceeds will be donated to….” or “$10 from every ticket sold will be donated to…”)
  • KAB reserves the right to approve all collateral (printed and electronic material) bearing the KAB name and/or logo. Materials cannot include any wording that suggests endorsement of a product by KAB. Similarly, third parties cannot state that a product, therapy, test or treatment is approved by KAB.
  • Third parties may not claim that KAB is sponsoring or endorsing their event in any promotional material or publicity. In naming the event/promotion, KAB may not be used in the title, but it may be listed as the beneficiary of the event.
  • If an event is approved, a limited non-exclusive license to use the KAB name (“Licensed Marks”) will be granted. The event organizer and/or sponsor (“event organizer”) shall be prohibited from transferring, sublicensing or assigning its rights to the Licensed Marks, all of which shall remain the exclusive property of KAB. The event organizer shall present to KAB for approval any kind of promotional materials that use or refer to said Licensed Marks, prior to printing, distribution, publication, display or use.
  • KAB does not guarantee attendance of a KAB employee at a third-party event fundraiser. An effort will be made to have someone from KAB represent the organization; however, due to time, staff, and location restrictions, this attendance is not guaranteed.
  • KAB does not guarantee external promotion by either email or social media.


  • The pink ribbon is a universal symbol for breast cancer awareness and may be used without our permission. If you wish to use the pink ribbon in conjunction with a general statement such as “Funds will be used to support breast cancer awareness,” no further paperwork is necessary. These donations can be made out to Keep A Breast and mailed directly to 3901 Medford St. Los Angeles, CA 90063. If you use the KAB name and/or logo, you must complete the Third Party/Fundraising/Event Application.



Fundraising/event proceeds and accounting must be provided no later than 45 days after the conclusion of the event or promotion.

  • KAB does not acknowledge third-party in-kind donations, e.g. raffle, auction items, services, venue space, etc. for tax purposes.
  • KAB does not guarantee attendance, promotion, ticket sales or in-kind donations.
  • KAB is not liable to any party or vendor for any fees, costs or payments of any kind. Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless KAB against any claims by third parties or vendors for such fees, costs or payments incurred pursuant to this agreement. The parties in this agreement are not joint ventures, partners nor representatives of each other, and such parties have no legal relationship.


For tax reasons, KAB can only acknowledge direct gifts. If participants of a third-party event would like to be acknowledged by KAB for their donation, they MUST donate directly to KAB (e.g. a check written directly to KEEP A BREAST or a donation made to KAB online).


  • The event organizer will be solely responsible for all operational aspects of the event, including, but not limited to, the safe and lawful conduct of the event and ensuring that the event is conducted in a professional manner befitting the parties’ respective outstanding public images.
  • The event organizer further agrees to file all appropriate registrations and obtain all permits, releases, consents, licenses, and approvals necessary for promoting and conducting the event.


Keep A Breast will provide educational materials (minus the cost of shipping & handling) based on the estimated number of attendees for the event. KAB does not permit the distribution of these free materials to be conditioned on the purchase of specific items or admission ticket.


  • Fundraising proceeds and accounting must be provided no later than 45 days after the conclusion of the event or promotion.
  • Prior to printing, publication or distribution, any and all promotional materials that use or refer to KAB or its licensed marks must be presented to KAB for approval.