Author: Molly Learner

Molly is a super cute angry feminist who loves rescue dogs, camping, and dad jokes. She studies Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at Loyola Marymount University where she has discovered a passion for activism and volunteer work. Her hobbies include talking about boobies, talking in general, being in nature, kicking ass, eating carbs, and watching Queer Eye. Molly hopes to one day live in a world where people aren’t jerks to each other and a puppy is president.

Your guide to a non-toxic summer!

The month of August reminds me a lot of Sundays. You want to love it because hey, still the summer, right? But you also deep down resent it because you know September, the Monday of calendar months, is right around the corner. Fear not my fellow summerphiles, because we still have time to make the… Read more »