Author: Keep A Breast

How Can A Young Woman Be Aware Of Any Changes In Her Breasts Without Actually Checking Them?

There’s been an ongoing conversation happening in the breast cancer community for a while. A conversation about whether or not checking yourself helps detect a cancer diagnosis or is even necessary for your own health. In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force pretty much recommended “against teaching breast self-examination (BSE).” Crazy, right? Here at Keep A Breast, we strongly believe that knowing your body and your “normal” is essential to your health. It’s crucial to understand and be aware when something is wrong, even as a teen or young adult.

Bif Naked Shares How She Accidentally Discovered Her Own Breast Tumor

When your career heights take you around the world on tour — from Russia to Central America, from India to touring all over the U.K., Europe and North America – for twenty years – how do you deal with breast cancer? Find out how international recording artist, Bif Naked accidentally discovered her own lump and the advice she has for young women everywhere.

How One Normal Day In The Shower Forever Changed Jane’s Life

We all take showers everyday. We know our bodies well. But exactly how well do you know your own body? Would you notice any changes? Jane Hutchinson was only 35 when a normal day in the shower turned into a trip to the doctor. Find out how she overcame that moment and how it’s changed her life for the better.